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Immediate Total Teeth Replacement In Chennai

By ManuPosted On 10-May-2018

Immediate total teeth replacement is one of the most famous treatment options in implant dentistry. Immediate total teeth replacement means that de


Parasu Dental Hospital – Ideal Choice For Bone Graft Surgery

By ManuPosted On 01-Apr-2018

Bone graft surgery is considered when it is required to restore bone to its previous form which is affected by any gum disease, tooth loss, trauma


Replace Lost Tooth With Single Tooth Dental Implants

By ManuPosted On 09-Mar-2018

Many people face the problem of loosing at least one of their adult tooth and other issues arise as they fail to replace that missing or extracted


Zygomatic implants in Chennai

By ManuPosted On 09-Dec-2016

Zygomatic implants are prosthetic solution and evidence bas


Dental Implants In An Hour

By ManuPosted On 09-Dec-2016

Dental Implants In An Hour is gaining popularity among bo


Best Alternative for Missing Teeth

By ManuPosted On 09-Dec-2016

To replace one or more missing teeth Dental Implant ReadMore

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