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Metal Free dental implants are implants made up of the dioxide of zirconium. Dioxide of zirconium also called zirconium oxide (ZrO2) or zirconia is classified as a ceramic and is non-metallic.

Why to choose metal free dental implants of zirconia?

Zirconia neither conducts electricity nor interferes with the body’s own energy systems. It eliminates the health concerns (impact on the immune systems) and negative effects related to the long-term use of metals (titanium implants) in the mouth.

Advantages of metal free dental implants

  • Look and feel like real teeth due to white color of the material
  • Restoration is extremely stable and strong that lasts for life time
  • Implants are very resistant to corrosion
  • Implants are highly biocompatible
  • Reduces the incidents of gum disease, high inflammation and implant failure
  • Resists plaque build-up
  • Easier for patients to care
  • Sustains good oral hygiene

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