Dental Implants-a perfect solution for missing tooth

A perfect, strong and long lasting solution to missing teeth, dental implants are frames or posts that are surgically placed into the jawbones to hold the artificial replacement teeth. They offer more natural support for mounting crowns than the conventional dentures or bridges.

Types of Dental Implants

The several types of dental implants include: -

Are you eligible for Dental Implants?

You are eligible for dental implants if: -

  • Healthy gums
  • Overall good oral health
  • Adequate bone structure to support implants.

Dental Implants procedure

A minor surgical procedure, it involves placing the implant made of titanium into the bone socket, where the tooth is missing. The procedure can be completed within 10 minutes and the crown can be placed after healing for about 3 days.

Benefits of Dental Implants

You are eligible for dental implants if: -

  • Looks, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Improved and natural look.
  • Improves oral hygiene.
  • Long lasting option

Parasu Dental Hospital, based in Chennai offers advanced dental implant option for single or multiple teeth set.

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