Immediate total teeth replacement is the quickest restoration procedure in which the denture is put in ‘immediately’ after tooth extraction. It can be done for one, multiple or all teeth.

Who can get immediate total teeth replacement?

  • Individuals with gum or teeth disease with poor prognosis
  • Restoration for problem area
  • Can be done as a temporary solution to allow the gums to heal up before starting other treatment

Immediate Denture Chennai

Procedure for an immediate total teeth replacement

The procedure starts with a thorough examination and advanced radiographic studies to evaluate the oral health. If any tooth extraction is required, it is done before cleaning the mouth. Meanwhile, implants and replacement teeth are prepared by taking impression of teeth and bite. Finally restoration is done and the whole process takes just a few hours to complete.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

  • Can be performed on any patient who are ineligible for traditional implant procedure
  • No wait to get the teeth restored for a perfect smile
  • Promotes better healing by stabilising the clot underneath
  • Reduces the overall amount of bone resorption
  • Improves chewing & speech
  • Can be easily relined to cover any gap or improve the fit
  • Copies the position and height of natural tooth, so is a better option

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