Top Tips For Online Furniture Shopping

Online furniture companies are known for giving a furniture shopper plenty of convenience, handy shopping options and an expanded product line. They are also known for the few bad apples that provide the industry with a bad name. Ironically, not all the bad online furniture companies are easily recognized. Even the larger companies can qualify for that moniker. Still, the majority of the bad online furniture companies are easy to avoid if you know what to look for. Here are four warning signs that an online furniture company is not legit or should be avoided:

1. No Live Customer Service – Needless to say, being online furniture able to speak to a human being should be at the top of your list of requirements for e-commerce. Amazingly, however, more and more online furniture companies are heading to a virtual assistant or computer to handle their customer service needs. That should be a huge warning sign for you to look elsewhere for your furniture. A live person helping you should be a minimal request when buying online, be it by phone or chat.

2. No Physical Address or Phone Number – Having a website does not mean that you are secure in being able to find an owner. The website that is selling furniture should have a physical address and a phone number that is available to customers, and not having one is a huge warning sign that something is amiss. Never do business with someone that you can not contact directly if there are problems.

3. An Unreasonable Return Policy – If you are unable to return the merchandise after purchasing it online, it is a warning sign of trouble regardless of what you are buying. This is especially true of furniture since you can not see it in the showroom or at home. Make sure you have a reasonable return policy and that you know the rules ahead of time. A bad return policy is a very bad sign.

4. Inflated Shipping or Processing Charges – Shipping furniture is expensive, and it is wholly understandable to charge a fair price to ship it. Still, some furniture companies will go nuts with shipping, handling, and various other “fees” to inflate the cost of getting you your furniture. If this is occurring, then simply cancel your transaction and find a company that is reasonable.